About Us

Our Alvas Natural Yoghurt is formulated from Whole Cow's Milk

We make a True Natural Yoghurt without any added sugar, preservatives & additives

Locally Handcrafted by our team of Artisans, everyday of the week.

In natural dairy products, natural milk cream rises and settles at the top to form a layer called "cream on top". Today most dairy companies use emulsifiers and homogenization to evenly distribute the fat throughout the product and prevent the cream from setting into a layer.


Our Alvas Natural Yoghurt comes with this cream on top showcasing our commitment to producing an all-natural yoghurt, characteristic of the good old days. The creamy top layer can be stirred in with your yoghurt  or simply removed for a lower caloric-intake.

Every batch of our yoghurt  is distributed to stores island-wide, within 24 Hours of Production. This makes our yoghurt the freshest yoghurt in Singapore.

natural yoghurt should be stored at temperatures under 4*C for optimal freshness and quality.

In Natural Yoghurt, some liquid separates from the yoghurt and appears to be on the surface of the yoghurt. This liquid is know as whey,
and is a nutritious combination of water, protein, potassium and calcium. Whey is a common by-product of cultured dairy products such as yoghurt and cheese.


While most commercial yoghurt brands use stabilizers to prevent the whey from separating from the yoghurt, we opt not to. Drain the whey or simply stir it in for a thinner yoghurt consistency.